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We work with the manufacturers who produce without pesticides usage. All Ammo and Glocks are lab-tested to provide 100% quality.


Your privacy and security is under our protection. We give an e-mail notification when your payment is received.


All orders are fully guaranteed. You are given full information about your payment, shipping & tracking.

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Fast delivery. Nice compact package. 


If I had four thumbs, that’s what the review would show – Four thumbs up. 

Dad in Ohio

Amazing experience all around. Easy to order, received it very quickly in perfect condition, and shoots great. I am a happy customer and will be for the foreseeable future. 

Bauss Haus

This was my first time ordering ammo from Ammoforsale, I did so because of price. I got my ammo in 2 days. I’m impressed.


Who are These Guys?

Gatewayammunition.com offers the most popular calibers of ammunition from 9mm to .223, Glock and AK as well as brands that you trust – like Federal and Winchester – because you deserve the best! Our convenient site navigation and “blitzkrieg shipping” ensure your ammo shopping experience is a great one.

In addition to offering a wide variety of handgun rounds, rifle ammo, and shotgun shells for sale, we also frequently stock great deals on ammo cans and other accessories. So if you’re looking for a great ammunition selection, you’ve found it!

Not sure what you need or want some guidance? Head over to our ammo blog, The Ammo Club. You’ll find a ton of resources there to help you get the most of your range time. We’ve put together resources with our experts from the outside as well as our staff members to help teach the shooting community the finer points of ammo.

If you get lost, just click the about us page to see all our contact information! We’re proud to be the best place to go when it’s time to feed your guns and we’d love to hear from you. Until then, happy shooting and shopping!

Best Ammo For Your Gun


Order your Ammo caliber and Gock online and provide proof that you’re 19+ years old.


Send payment via selected payment system.


Your Ammo are shipped with Legal grants and discreet packaging.


We provide a tracking number for every order. Shipping takes 1-3 business days for major cities.


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