20 Rounds of 122gr FMJ 7.62×39 Ammo by Red Army Standard

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20 Rounds of 122gr FMJ 7.62×39 Ammo For Sale

The RPD light machine gun was the original chambering for the 7.62×39 jhp cartridge, which was developed during and after World War II. The majority of 7.62x39mm ammunition is used in AK and SKS rifles, and it performs well at medium ranges. Even though the Russian military no longer uses it for front-line operations, AK-pattern rifles are nevertheless widely utilized elsewhere. The tapered steel casing of this cartridge helps with feeding and extraction; AK magazines get their “banana” form from this taper.

Since its founding in 1961, Century Arms has brought in a significant quantity of AK-47 weapons. Thus, it seems sense that, while they’re doing it, they would want to import an enormous quantity of AK-47 ammunition. And now it’s at hand! The Red Army Standard ammunition produced in Russia by Century Arms is ready to fire!

The bullet in this round is a 122-grain bimetal jacket. The exterior of such a jacket is still a thin sheet of copper, but the steel underneath is robust and durable. 7.62 x28 How much red army standard 7.62×39 review is copper red? Although Standard must invest in bullet production, which accounts for their exorbitant price tags, magnetic bullets can carry some risks and are frequently prohibited at many indoor ranges. Before you take this ammunition on tour, make sure!

7.62×39 Ammo Types

Most 7.62x39mm ammunition fires 122 or 123-grain full metal jacket bullets at a muzzle velocity of about 2,400 feet per second. The caliber delivers good penetration, good medium-range performance, and reasonable accuracy.

Although it was not designed for hunting, the red army ammo review7.62×39 review can be adapted for harvesting game with appropriate soft-point ammo. Soft-point rounds mushroom for a lethal effect on boar, deer, and other game without fragmenting and destroying edible meat. However, this caliber is only suitable for some games.

7.62×39, the ammunition is usually made in Eastern Europe using inexpensive steel cases; while not reloadable, this bulk ammo is highly affordable for high-volume target shooting. Notable brands of this type include Wolf, Tula, and Barnaul’s Bear series. These loads usually have noncorrosive noncorrosive noncorrosive Berdan primers. Shooters who need brass-cased, 7.62×39 Tula ammo 1000 rounds can choose from a number of offerings from Fiocchi, PMC, Prvi Partizan, Winchester, and others; these can be reloaded and are allowed at some ranges where steel is prohibited.


Bullet Type: FMJ, Full Metal Jacket

Bullet Weight: 122gr

Bullet Jacket: Bi-metal

Case: Polymer Coated Steel

Velocity: 2,396 fp/s

Powder: Noncorrosive

Primer: Berdan

Amount: 20 Round Box

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  1. Michael

    Great ammo at great price.clean burning, reliable and consistent. 1000 rounds of 7.62×39 1500 rounds 9mm ,1000 rounds 380 with BANG everytime. Recommended

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