20 Rounds of 168gr TSX .308 Win Ammo by Black Hills Gold Ammunition

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20 Rounds of 168gr TSX .308 Win Ammo by Black Hills Gold Ammunition

The name says everything for if you are looking for the gold standard in .308 Win ammo look no further than this 168 grain TSX round by Black Hills Gold. A preferred choice by police snipers across the nation, this round is loaded with Barnes Triple-Shock Bullets. Zero lead and 100% copper, the bullet expands into razor sharp cutting petals resulting in greater penetration

It reaches a muzzle velocity of 2650 feet per second with muzzle energy of 2619 foot pounds. It’s boxer-primed, brass cased and reloadable. Black Hills Ammunition lives up to their stellar reputation with this round that works equally well for hunting as it does for police snipers. It’s a top quality round at a great price and definitely worth the addition to the discerning shooter’s arsenal.

3 reviews for 20 Rounds of 168gr TSX .308 Win Ammo by Black Hills Gold Ammunition

  1. Anthony boro

    Gatewayammunition has been one of the best site to get ammunition

  2. Gay ryan

    I’ll recommend more people to buy from this site never knew they got Ammo in bulk

  3. Tonny Williams

    “Shoots well – cleans up well – haven’t had any issues in 500 rounds The only caveat is that there’s some steel in the bullet – I don’t think the entire bullet is steel but we were turned away when we went to shoot at a local indoor rifle range – the fella used a magnet to test the bullets One area where I was surprised was how clean the propellant burns – having listened to some folks talk, I expected to find a mess on the bolt face and in the receiver but that just has not been my experience”

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