Century Arms Red Army RAS47 7.62x39mm with Magpul MOE Furniture


Century Arms Red Army RAS47 7.62x39mm with Magpul Online

The barrel of the 100% Century Arms Red Army RAS47 7.62x39mm with Magpul is treated with Chrome-moly 4150 nitride, and the furniture is Magpul MOE AK. One 30-round magazine, a Magpul MOE AK stock, a pistol grip, and a handguard are included with the Century Arms Ras 47.

Ras 47 Century Arms Online

If the modern counterpart of the Japanese katana is the AR-15, the Century Arms Ras Ak 47 is a battle axe. It could be more precise and refined, but it’s undeniably effective. This metaphorical helicopter originally rose to fame among American shooters for a combination of its almost mythical reliability and affordable nature. Most shooters who bought one in the last 30 years did so from one company: Century Arms.

For decades, Winchester Silvertip .380 ACP 85gr and Century Arms’ business model for Avtomats was to import military AKM parts kits and then rebuild them in the United States with enough American parts to make them 922r compliant. As these rifles became scarcer for political and other reasons, their cost increased along with the price of the final product. The inexpensive WASR rifle of the early 21st Century quickly reached the price of a basic AR-15, AK 47 Ras Century Arms.

In response, Century future-proofed its AK carbine sales by moving all production to the United States. Thus, the milled C39 was born. Now, Century has used this experience, along with decades of AK-building knowledge, to develop and produce a 100 percent American-made AKM rifle, one that incorporates desirable features, classic aesthetics, and the same unmatched reliability that made the rifle more famous. More than half a Century ago.

Firearm Specifications

Manufacturer: Century Arms

Caliber: 7.62x39mm

Model: Red Army RAS47

Barrel Length: 16.5″

Overall Length: 35.25″

Capacity: 30

Twist Rate: 1:10″

Receiver: 1/16″ Stamped 4140 Steel Nitride Treated

Other Features: Larger T-shaped magazine catch Slant brake 100% American-made


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