Hodgdon Lil’ Gun Smokeless Gun Powder


Hodgdon lil’ gun smokeless gun powder versatile powder delivers increased velocity and clean burning for superior performance.

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HodgUnlock the full potential of your firearm with Hodgdon lil’ gun smokeless gunpowder. Engineered for accuracy and consistency, this high-performance powder is a must-have for avid shooters and reloading enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a competitive marksman, a seasoned hunter, or just enjoy spending time at the range, Hodgdon Lilgunis is designed to elevate your shooting experience.

Key Features of Lil Gun Powder:

  1. Consistent Performance: Hodgdon Lil’ Gun is formulated for uniform burn rates, ensuring consistent muzzle velocities shot after shot. This reliability is crucial for achieving tight groupings and superior accuracy.
  2. Versatile Application: This smokeless gun powder is well-suited for a variety of cartridges, making it a versatile choice for both handgun and rifle enthusiasts. Whether you’re reloading for a .22 Hornet or .45-70 Government, lil gun delivers optimal results.
  3. Clean Burning: Say goodbye to excessive residue and fouling. Hodgdon’s advanced formula promotes clean burning, minimizing the need for frequent barrel cleaning and allowing you to focus on what you love – shooting.
  4. Increased Velocity: Lil’ Gun is designed to maximize velocity without sacrificing safety. Experience improved bullet performance and extended range, giving you the edge in both target shooting and hunting scenarios.
  5. Easy Metering: Hodgdon understands the importance of precision in reloading. Hodgdon Lil gun load data consistent granule size ensures easy and accurate metering, simplifying the reloading process and saving you valuable time.
  6. Quality Assurance: Hodgdon has a longstanding reputation for producing top-quality propellants. Lil gun load data is no exception, undergoing rigorous testing to meet the highest industry standards. Shoot with confidence, knowing you have a reliable and trusted product of American Eagle 5.56mm 62gr FMJ Steel Core Ammunition 1000 Rounds.

Upgrade your reloading game with Hodgdon Lil Gun Smokeless Gun Powder, the choice of discerning shooters who demand precision, performance, and perfection. Order yours now and experience a new level of shooting excellence!

Here’s a Specification Table of Lil Gun Powder:

Property Specification
Composition Spherical Smokeless Powder
Application Handgun and Rifle Cartridges
Burn Rate Fast
Granule Size Consistent, Easy Metering
Velocity Increased Performance
Clean Burning Yes, Minimizes Residue and Fouling
Versatility Suitable for a Range of Calibers, e.g., .22 Hornet, .45-70 Govt
Accuracy Consistent Muzzle Velocities for Tighter Groupings
Quality Assurance Rigorous Testing for Reliability and Performance
Packaging Available in Various Container Sizes
Safety Standards Compliant with Industry Safety Guidelines
Storage Store in a Cool, Dry Place
Usage Guidelines Follow Hodgdon’s Recommended Load Data
Manufacturer Hodgdon Powder Company

Note: Always adhere to safety guidelines and refer to Hodgdon Lil’ gun smokeless gun powder for accurate reloading information. The specifications provided are general and may vary based on specific cartridge and firearm combinations.


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