Lapua Brass 284 Winchester Box of 100


Lapua Brass 284 Winchester Box of 100 For Sale

The Lapua Brass 284 Winchester Box of 100 cartridges has seen a recent resurgence in Class F competition, where shooters compete at ranges up to 1,000 m/yards. Members of the U.S. Rifle Team, sponsored by Lapua, will enjoy having brass available in this classic cartridge. The 284 Winchester brass, .284 Winchester’s recessed rim design allows for a larger powder column but easily works with medium-length actions, making this cartridge case highly desirable for custom rifles. Its accuracy potential and high muzzle velocity are also recognized in hunting fields, where this cartridge performs well on a very wide scale.

284 win brass, Lapua’s .284 Winchester case uses the Large Rifle Primer (LRP). It will soon be available in the new 100-piece 284 brass carton. The new box has been designed to keep the Lapua brass in perfect condition during shipping, ensuring your refilling experience is the best.

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Due to the continued high demand for products and prevailing market conditions, particularly affected by the situation in Ukraine, unfortunately, the availability of some of our creations is limited, and delivery times have been extended. To better meet our civil and military obligations, production of some of our components, including the .284 Winchester brass and Winchester brass, will be temporarily suspended. It is due to the prioritization of production lines. For our consumer customers, some Lapua products will likely be out of stock in many places around the world for some time. It does not mean that we cancel any products. 

We intend to resume production of these products as soon as market conditions stabilize. We are also taking necessary steps at our production sites to improve production capabilities with, for example, new production lines installed during 2023 and 2024. We are working as hard as we can every day at all of our sites to produce ammunition and Winchester USA 9mm Luger Ammunition components. High quality for you, and our goal is to serve you at normal levels as soon as possible.



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284 Winchester
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