PPU Match Line .308 Winchester HPBT 155 Grain 20 Rounds


PPU Match Line 308 Winchester For Online

Prvi Partizan has been manufacturing specialized ammunition for competition, indoor ranges, and big game hunting in Serbia since 1928. The Match series of ammunition from Prvi was created for accurate shooting at long and short ranges, including 1,000 meters. The match bullets are made of high-quality materials on special equipment at the factory. Prvi ammunition meets all SAAMI standards and is run through an internal quality management system to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. This ammunition is a new product, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, Winchester white box.

PPU (Prvi Partizan) offers high-quality 270 Winchester short magnum Match ammunition, known as the PPU Match Line. The cartridge is available in various grain weights, such as 168 grains and 155 grains, 264 Winchester magnum, with Hollow Point Boat Tail (HPBT) bullets for precision shooting Winchester super x 12ga.

The PPU Match Winchester Super x 12 gauge ammo is designed for accuracy, making it suitable for competitive shooting and precision applications

The PPU Match Winchester

The Match series of ammunition from PPU is made for accurate shooting at both long and short ranges. Its extraordinary precision stems from unique production and control procedures that necessitate maintaining extremely tight tolerances. It loads with carefully selected powders to ensure uniform ballistics and employs dependable primers for exceptional consistency. This Winchester 458 magnum load features a 168 GR hollow point boat tail bullet and comes packaged with 20 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case.

They are built to deliver competition-level precision at a great value. Prvi Partizan is one of the oldest and most trusted ammunition makers in Europe, and the quality shines.


Item Number: 678766

MFG Number: PP3.20

UPC: 8 605003 807803

Caliber: .308 Winchester Match

Bullet Weight: 155 grain

Bullet Style: HPBT

Muzzle Velocity: 2,788 FPS

Muzzle Energy: 2,676 ft.-lbs.

Ballistic Coefficient: .450

Case Type: Brass

Primer Type: Boxer

Corrosive: No

Rounds: 20


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