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Shooters World SW4350 S070-05 For Online

Shooters World SW4350 S070-05 is the slowest of all the 4350 derivatives. As such, it has ample capabilities in moderate calibers where other 4350 products cannot reach 100% charge density. It also has improved capabilities in larger magnum calibers, which other derivatives of the 4350 cannot match. If you are looking for precision, one of the keys is to find a fuel that can “fill the box and seek maximum speed.” Several shooters have found this relationship to be true with the SW4350 and are impressed with its performance. But please understand that SW4350 is not the same fuel as H4350, shooters world powder review, and Shooters World Powder load data. It is ranked from fastest to slowest of the 4350 derivatives: H4350, IMR4350, Accurate 4350, and SW4350.

Sig Sauer Elite Ball FMJ 115 Grain, Shooters world powder burn rate chart has tremendous capabilities in virtually all magnum-class and long-range centerfire rifle ammunition. Although Shooters World tactical rifle load data is an extruded fuel, it shows good flow characteristics through a volumetric powder weir. The fiber is narrow and short. The density of Shooters world blackout load data is about 0.9 grams/cc. Contains a level of flash suppressor. Its extruded geometry is narrow and short in diameter. So, its drop consistency through a volumetric charger is quite consistent for an extruded propellant. Under the Lovex brand, this fuel is called S070.

Another benefit is the lengthy history of Shooters World propellants’ use. Since 1920, Shooters World tactical rifle powder has produced propellants. Lovex is the trademark under which several of these fuels are sold in Europe.

Warning About Shooters World Precision Rifle:

  • Do not exceed the charges shown in the recharger guide.
  • Never mix two powders still of type, brand or source.
  • Never substitute black powder for smokeless powder or any black powder substitute.


Product Information

8 Pound

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight
8.440 Pounds
Carrier Restrictions
  • Cannot ship via air
  • Cannot ship via USPS
  • Cannot ship to PO Box
  • Must ship to Contiguous US

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