SIG SAUER Elite V-Crown .38 Super+P JHP 125 Grain 20 Rounds

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Sig Sauer Elite V-Crown .38 Super+P Jhp 125 Grain For Sale

The remarkable V-Crown Elite Performance ammunition from SIG Sauer is designed to be an incredibly accurate and dependable defensive round from the ground up. Shooters are guaranteed the best available because only the best parts are used, together with contemporary manufacturing techniques and Sauer’s stringent standards for sig 38 special. Outstanding performance is provided by the V-Crown Bullet, which has a large expansion for a stunning wound channel and consistent feeding. Brass with a nickel plating coating inside the casing provides better feeding, extraction, and lubrication while significantly reducing corrosion. The ideal ammo for your defense requirements is Sig Sauer 38 Special V-Crown Elite Performance.

Features of SIG SAUER Elite V-Crown Ammunition 38 Special +P 125 Grains Jacketed Hollow Point Per 20 E38SP1-20:

  • Additional hollow point cavity and stacked hollow point bullet design
  • Halfway up the shank, a special serrated cannelure ensures maximum weight retention and final expansion.
  • Brass cases with DUCTA-BRIGHT 7A coating offer improved lubrication, exceptional resistance to corrosion, and dependable feeding and extraction.
  • low-flash propellant
  • 38 special sig sauer
  • V-shaped jacket skives and scores provide controlled, uniform expansion.



Platform Pistol

Ammo Application Defensive

Ammo Type Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)

Caliber38 Spl +P

Grain Weight125 Grain

Qty Per Package20

Test Barrel Length (in)7.7 ± 1/16

Muzzle Velocity965 fps

Muzzle Energy258 ft-lbs

Bullet Diameter9.093 mm

Bullet Length14.097 mm

Case TypeNickel Plated Brass

Lead FreeNo

SIG 38

Staked PrimerNo


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  • Ammunition returns are not accepted for safety reasons.
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  • Delivery requires an adult signature.
  • Please be sure the ammo you buy and use fits the type of handgun you own.
  • Before placing an order, find out if there are any additional local rules or regulations in your area.

1 review for SIG SAUER Elite V-Crown .38 Super+P JHP 125 Grain 20 Rounds

  1. J A

    I’ll recommend people to buy. This is the most accurate load for my kimber 5″ chronos at 1218.100% reliable. Luckily I found it from these guys will check on next weekend.

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