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Starline Brass 458 SOCOM For Sale

Starline Brass 458 SOCOM starts with consistent metallurgy, precise tooling, strict quality control, and over 30 years of experience. 100% 458 SOCOM brass is guaranteed to have flash holes present and be the correct length and diameter. Unlike some competitors, Starline brass stretches vertically, effectively minimizing wall thickness variation. 375 SOCOM Brass and .458 SOCOM brass have been tested at elevated pressures suitable for heavy Magnum hunting loads in suitable weapon systems. When loading with black powder, it may be necessary to anneal the muzzle to allow the case to adequately seal the chamber due to the lower pressures generated by these charges. 

Our case is very durable to withstand high-pressure loads associated with smokeless hunting loads. Since the only way to harden brass is to work the material, our only option is to make it stiffer so customers can anneal it for a specific application. See the annealing procedure in F.A.Q., Section 4. When it comes to selecting the best in 458 SOCOM, choose Starline for your reloading needs.

458 SOCOM Bullets For Sale

The SOCOM is an impressive cartridge that is basically a 50AE long (1.575″ O.A.L.) with a lowered Glock 19 gen 5 style head configuration, necked down to use a .458″ diameter projectile. It has been chambered in some bolt pistols, but its claim to fame lies in the AR-15 platform. Dies are available from most major manufacturers. This case is designed for use with correct U.S.A.-made 458 Socom primer size firearms, dies, and ammunition, not the improper dimensions provided on the cartridge/C.I.P. chamber print.

458 Socom Powder is a family-owned business that prides itself on delivering the highest quality brass boxes available. With a production cycle focused on quality, not quantity, Starline manufactures the finest brass and has operated its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sedalia, MO, for over 40 years. Starline is proud to be the choice of top gun shooters across all disciplines, with a presentation process focused on quality, not quantity.



Product Information

458 Socom
100 Piece
Primer Size
Large Pistol


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