Top Brass Premium Reconditioned Once Fired Brass 223 Remington (1000 pieces)


Brass Premium Reconditioned Once Fired Brass 223 Remington

Brass Premium Reconditioned Once Fired Brass 223 Remington specializes in purchasing once-fired service brass from the Department of Defense and performing all necessary steps to return it to ideal reloadable condition. Strict inspection processes at every step ensure the closest tolerances and most consistent product possible with single-fired 223 rem brass, regardless of gauge. The thorough visual inspection process before packaging helps ensure you get only the most elevated quality product so you can buy with confidence. It is 100% brass, fully processed and reconditioned. It is not loaded with ammo.

223 Rem Brass Once Fired | New 5.56 Brass in Stock

Brass Preparation: 

With bulk rifle primed brass 223, you may sometimes notice that some case muzzles are “out of shape” or slightly dented below the shoulder. These imperfections occur in the final washing operation after the case mouth has been annealed. Hornady Match 6.5mm Creedmoor ELD Match and 223 remanufactured are aware of the cosmetic case and have worked to mitigate it, but due to the design of the equipment, dents can still occur. Minor dents are usually removed on the first firing and will not affect the life or performance of the case. On unplated brass, you may also notice that not all annealing stains may be removed, which can give the case neck a pinkish color. For some smaller caliber cases, the case mouths have a bell.

With a new rifle processed 223 brass, you must first straighten the shell and shell mouth, then chamfer and deburr the shell mouth inside and out. To straighten the case mouth, pass the case partially into the measuring die and let the expander ball straighten the .223 brass for sale. To prevent the case neck from extending, be sure to lubricate it inside the case mouth.


  • Deprimed
  • Reamed (crimp removed)
  • Cleaned
  • Full-length sized and trimmed to 1.75″(+/-.003″)


Product Information

223 Remington
Factory Reconditioned
1000 Piece


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