TulAmmo .40 S&W FMJ 180 Grain 500 Rounds


Hot Buy On Proven Tulammo .40 S&W FMJ 180 Grain 500 Rounds FMJ Ammo For Online

Tulammo .40 S&W FMJ 180 grain 500 rounds, quality tested in production with H&K® and Glock® guns. It’s reliable, accurate and affordable. Polymer-coated steel case. Boxer-primed, non-corrosive, non-reloadable. Muzzle Velocity: 990 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy: 392 ft.-lbs.

Wolf Performance Ammunition 40 S&W For Sale

Wolf Performance Ammunition offers reliability and accuracy with its .40 S&W cartridges. Engineered to meet shooters’ demands, Wolf’s .40 S&W ammunition delivers consistent performance, Tulammo website, Tulammo 40 S&W reviews, making it ideal for range practice and Self-defence.

With a reputation for quality and affordability, Wolf ammunition gives shooters confidence in their firearms. Whether you’re a recreational shooter or a law enforcement professional, Wolf Performance Ammunition in .40 S&W ensures you’re always ready when it matters most.

Key Features of 40 Cal Ammo in a 50 Round Box

  1. Caliber: The ammunition is designed for firearms chambered in .40 calibre, offering compatibility with various pistols and carbines.
  2. Quantity: Each box contains 50 rounds of ammunition, providing ample supply for target practice, training, or Self-defence situations.
  3. Convenience: Packaged in a single box, 40 cal ammo – 50 round box, it offers convenient storage and transport, allowing users to carry and access their ammunition easily.
  4. Value: Buying in bulk with a 50-round box typically offers better value than purchasing smaller quantities individually.
  5. Versatility: It is suitable for a range of applications, including target shooting, competition, law enforcement, and personal protection, and cci blazer brass 9mm 115gr fmj 50rds.
  6. Quality: Manufactured to meet strict quality control standards, ensuring reliable performance and consistent accuracy.
  7. Compatibility: It is designed to function reliably in firearms that accept .40 calibre ammunition, minimizing the risk of malfunctions or misfires.
  8. Storage: The box provides protective storage for the ammunition, shielding it from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors affecting its performance.
  9. Ease of Use: Each round is easily accessible and ready to load into compatible firearms, simplifying the reloading process during shooting sessions.
  10. Durability: The packaging is typically sturdy enough to withstand normal handling and transportation without compromising the integrity of the ammunition inside.

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